Pappy Kojo wants a boxing match with Pope Skinny for getting his TikTok account banned

You remember when Pappy Kojo came out recently to say that he’s gay?

His confession on TV3 sparked alot of controversy. Fellow rapper Pope Skinny came out to lambast him.

Saying it’s not good of him to say he’s gay on tv. Because as a celeb, a lot of kids look up to him. So saying he’s gay would make it seem normal to the younger generation to also take that path.

This line of criticism from Pope Skinny got Pappy Kojo pissed so he also responded in a video.

The manner in which he replied was against the policies of TikTok, hence, his account with hundreds of of followers got banned.

Well, in a new interview on Ameyaw TV, the ‘Yi Wo Dross’ hitmaker has said he wants a boxing match with Pope Skinny for causing his account to get banned.

Watch below:


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