Parents brought girl impregnated by Legon student to embarrass him at lectures

We are tired of legon students and their wahalas off late.

Less than 24 hours, we have a girl beating a guy with chalewote, a guy jumping from the third floor of pent and guy going to impregnate a girl for the girl’s mother to come and embarrass him at lectures at the NNB block today.

It was an embarrassing moment for the young man as his colleagues mocked him out of the lecture hall with the girl and her parents.

They were shouting “weremu ” meaning Enter.

The video has since been going viral on Twitter and we have it for you.

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Watch video below..

Here is the breakdown of what have been happening at Legon..

-A Lecturer wants to be a side guy
-A Prof invented “violent kiss” method
-A Ga lady lashed his bf with slippers because he cheated
-A guy was dragged out from class b’cos he preg someone’s daughter.

See reactions on Twitter below…


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