Patapaa slept with me before his wedding – Queen Peezy

Patapaa’s ex-girlfriend, is still going about, ranting about the musician after he married his German girlfriend, Liha Miller.

According to her in an on Vibes In 5 hosted by Arnold Mensah Alavanyo, said 3 weeks before Patapaa’s marriage, he slept with her.

“Before Patapaa would marry, we slept together. He pleaded with me and slept with me in Accra. That was 3 weeks to his wedding”, she stated.

She further said that she didn’t know Patapaa was serious about Liha when the news popped up that they were dating.

“Patapaa and I were happy and okay before this lady came on the scene. Things got bad when he travelled abroad. Just after coming back, he changed totally… If I had known that they would marry another woman, I wouldn’t have waste my time on him”, she said.

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