Ghanaian Gospel musician, Patience Nyarko, has been displaying her hatred for fellow gospel musician Joe Mettle in recent times.

Patience is angry because Joe has won awards that she thinks she well deserves than him.

Patience has said on multiple platforms that Joe Mettle is overrated and that he only sings Methodist hymnals rather than composing his own songs.

Well, in an interview on Joy News yesterday, Patience was asked if she knows the song ‘Bonooni’ belongs to Joe Mettle and she replied “yes”.


The host then asked her to sing the song and to the surprise of everyone, Patience Nyarko rather chose to walk out of the interview. Many have tagged her as pompous and arrogant.

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The “Obi Nyanime’ hitmaker has come out to explain the reason for her actions yesterday. In a new interview on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment show, elaborated that she was pissed with the line of questions asked by the Host.

Patience noted that it was as if the Joy News Host was attacking her. She said she was asked to sing ‘Bonooni’ song by Joe Mettle but she replied that her voice is chocked so she cannot sing but the host of the show still went on to force her to do so.

All these annoyed her so in other not to say or do anything wrong, she rather chose to walk-out of the interview.

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Watch her say all these below:

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