Paul Okoye blasts Davido for poking his nose into his family feud

Davido was not happy with people who went to the birthday party of estranged twins Peter and Paul separately.

In a tweet, he labelled those people as ‘p*ssy”.

He wrote:“Y’all niggas that wen to Peter and Paul’s bday separately y’all pussy as fuck!! Them niggas is TWINS !! Not my business but Shit hurts I’m angry Walai”

Well, Paul Okoye is not happy with Davido trying to enter his family issues.

In an Instagram story, he tackled the IF hitmaker asking what audacity he has to call his party attendees by such vulgarity.

He wrote: “On what land what Audacity do you have to call my family and friends pussy bro has it come to this ? Am highly disappointed with you You don’t have the right to insult my family and friends…. That’s f*cked up • “

davido and rudeboy

davido and rudeboy


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