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Paweł Śpiewak Age: How Old Is Paweł Śpiewak?


Polish sociologist, historian, author, and lawmaker Pawe Piewak lived from 17 April 1951 to 30 March 2023. Pawe Piewak was born in Warsaw, Poland. Pawe Piewak passed away at the age of 71. Pawel Piewak is affiliated with the Civic Platform, a Polish political party.

In the 19th Warsaw district on September 25, 2005, Pawe Piewak, a candidate for the Civic Platform list, received 18,403 votes and was subsequently voted to the Sejm. Pawe Piewak decided he would not run for governor again in 2007. Bogdan Zdrojewski, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, proposed to him as the Jewish Historical Institute’s director in 2011.

The Warsaw Jewish History Institute was under the direction of Pawe Piewak. Pawe Piewak’s estimated net wealth at the time of his death was between $1 million and $5 million. The majority of Pawe Piewak’s wealth came from his work as a lawmaker, author, historian, and economist in Poland.

Paweł Śpiewak Age: How Old Is Paweł Śpiewak?

When Pawe Piewak passed away, he was 71 years old. Pawe Piewak, a citizen of Poland, died on March 30, 2023, he was born on April 17, 1951.


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