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Pay me only GHC5,000 and I’ll pray for God’s blessing for you – Ghanaian Pastor

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A Ghanaian Pastor in a viral video was seen appealing for funds in dollars. He asked members of his congregation to pay at least $1000 or even $500 so that he can pray for them.

In the viral video, he was heard saying that his church members should give just that amount as a way of honouring him and he’ll pray for God’s blessings over the life of anyone who gives.

Most of the church members couldn’t afford the amount as they couldn’t come out so once again, the pastor reduced the amount to GHC2,000.

He remarked that people paid higher amounts so this amounts he’s calling shouldn’t be too much.

Watch the video below:

This come just about a week after popular Israeli Pastor, Benny Hinn came out today that appealing for funds in other to pray for people is like selling the Gospel.

So after deep ponder, he has decided never to preach message of prosperity again. So it isn’t a good thing.

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