Government has been accused by mortuary workers for manipulating covid-19 death figures.

According to the Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana(MWAG), the figures of covid-19 deaths are not accurate but more to it.

Emphasizing on their claims, the association stated that, some of the dead bodies they receive at the mortuary from their variation homes posses the virus without knowing, which as a result affects the other bodies at the morgue.

The leadership of the association explained, “People have died without knowing it was covid-19, they are brought to mortuaries for preservation and their fluid will get into contact with other dead bodies. Their families comes for their bodies of person’s who didn’t die of covid-19 and bath them for interment. Because the family has no idea that the body they are bathing came into contact with covid-19 victims, they also get covid-19.”

The workers of mortuary then entreat the general public to stop bathing dead bodies as a way of preventing covid-19.

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