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People from other countries wish their Presidents will learn from Nana Addo on how he’s tackling Coronavirus

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Ghana is one of the most serious countries when it comes to nations taking critical decisions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The President, Nana Akufo Addo, has closed down all schools, shut down all mosques and churches from operating, VIP session at the airport which is mostly used by Politicians was also ordered to be shut down, just to mention a few.

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Now, another laudable thing implemented by the Government is a fumigation exercise carried out in the Nation’s capital which saw about 1,093 men on foot disinfecting major markets.

And waste management cars spraying the whole city with disinfectants.

Well, some Ghanaians are not satisfied with what the President is doing but some members of other countries wish that some of these measures can be carried out in their countries as well.

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They’re hence calling on their leaders to emulate the steps of Nana Addo.

See their comments on Twitter below:

Meanwhile, all beaches in Ghana has been closed down by the Tourism Authority.


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