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Some Graduates are not earning [even] GHS2,000 monthly, yet some Brick Layers or Tilers or others who do “non-respectable” jobs earn far more in excess.

I recall Pastor Ashimolowo preached somewhere in 2008 on Greater Works and highlighted on that.

There is one “Foreman” who worked on a relative’s project (who can not even speak good English) but he has built 3 houses and lives quite comfortably well.


After Junior Secondary School, he went to learn masonry. He says he can choose not to work again but depend on rents from his properties.

Sometime back, my spark plug got stuck in its cylinder. We were to take the vehicle to the Machine Shop to get it removed. When we got there, my eyes were opened, after the fee I was charged looked quite expensive for me.

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Now here’s the deal. There was a long queue of customers who had brought in various forms of work, and were being charged between GHS20-100.

It is a busy place Monday to Saturday so you can imagine how much is made by the owner who actually doesn’t buy any raw materials but all he needed was tools and very little electricity. Most of the work didn’t require electricity.

I got to chat with a young man who repaired my Starter and Alternator. He is always busy charging average GHS40 for a repair. Once vehicles are moving, a starter or alternator will get to be replaced when they spoil so until cars stop moving, he won’t be out of business. He said after JSS, he learned that skill. Some starters need just service instead of buying new one.

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You know vehicle bushings, right? You know local people cut some out from used tyres? I watched as two young men cut out and sell many to their customers, as I waited for my tyre to be fixed. GHS50 here, GHS20 there, GHS10 here by 5pm, they are going home with some cool average GHS200. Does a Graduate go home with GHS200 daily?

Yesterday I wrote on #TVET and some skilled jobs Parents don’t consider but all looking to get choked in the secondary school system. Well, many graduates are still going around for non-existing jobs. Until they become Party Footsoldiers, earning GHS700 monthly they will be hungry for crumbs.

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Author: the Awareness General

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