James Nee Body Viewing – Here are photos from James Nee Body Viewing as his final funeral rites were held. It’s rather unfortunate he was still bleeding even while laid in state.

James Nee, who was in the company of Beston Khamba and Brian Gondwe had a car crush on Tuesday,October 2, 2018 in South Africa on their way from Malawi where Bushiri was having a crusade.

Despite all that, our reporters who graced the funeral ceremony of James Nee told this publication that people were shocked during the body viewing, to see that he was still breeding three days after his death, though his corpse was already embalmed.

There are strong speculations that James Nee’s death is connected to Illuminati activities, following revelations that in the last days of his life, he released a single and made posts on social media which predicted his death.

Reports have it that Bushiri was also missing during the burial of the three and landed hours later for the wedding ceremony of his in-law Gwamba Zgambo.

Photos below:

James Nee Body Viewing
James Nee Body Viewing

james nee body viewing

James Nee Body Viewing

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