Photos of DJ Arafat’s beautiful wife and children


Celebrities Buzz has sourced photos of DJ Arafat’s wife. The beautiful lady’s name has so far being established as Lady Kee aka Carmen Sama.

She was the love of DJ Arafat’s life. Their interactions on social media indicates that they love one another dearly.

The sad death of the “Naughty” hitmaker has left his wife distraught. Videos of her saw her crying her heart out in their family house in Ivory Coast.

You can read full biography of DJ Arafat here.

Below are photos of DJ Arafat and his wife Lady Kee aka Carmen Sama:

DJ Arafat and Lady Kee
DJ Arafat and Lady Kee

dj arafat and wife

Below are photos of Lady Kee:

dj arafat and wife dj arafat and wife dj arafat and wife dj arafat and wife dj arafat and wife

DJ Arafat and Lady Kee recently have birth to their daughter called Rafna Houon.

Below is photo of Rafna and her mom:

dj arafat and wife
Rafna Houon and her mother


dj arafat and wife
Rafna Houon and her mother

Arafat still has other four children called Mael Houon, Ezekiel Houon, Lachoina Houon, Owen Houon.

Dj Arafat and his children
Dj Arafat and his children

You won’t believe the mystery some fans have revealed about his death as compared to that of Tupac Shakur, Nipsey and others.

A Video of DJ Arafat doing skills on his motorbike few moments before his accident

No wonder he couldn’t reach the brake before he crashed into the car infront of him according to CCTV footages.

Moments ago, a video of DJ Arafat’s wife popped up which saw her totally broken down in tears.

Here are photos of his totally damaged motorbike after the accident.

You can also see here the very last video of DJ Arafat before he was sent to the hospital after the accident.

You won’t believe what is going on in his house in Cote D’Ivoire as we speak.

You need to also see Photos of the lady and the car into which DJ Arafat’s motor-bike crashed.


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