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Photos of Louis Vuitton condom that costs GHS389

Louis Vuitton condom

Photos of a Louis Vuitton condom which costs $68 (GHC389.22) has gone viral on social media.

The condom which was designed by Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria, is enveloped in the label’s notorious brown packaging and adorned with what looks like raised lettering which many claimed is for enhanced pleasuring.

Twitter user @Adeke_Funso who shared photos of the condom tweeted;

Louis Vulton Condom cost $68. That’s #25,000 in Nigeria. 10 of that condoms will buy my laptop

Louis Vuitton Condom designer

The Louis Vuitton condom was actually designed and created by Irakli Kiziria, an architect from Georgia Republic, who is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton company.

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He proposed a launch for the product on World Aids Day, as part of the Louis Vuitton’s work with amfAr (The foundation for AIDS Research).

There are already many rumors spreading across blogs, websites and so on on this luxury condoms.

Apparently, there are many Louis Vuitton fans, who are really looking forward to this product.

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The condom are said to be priced at $68 each, which makes it one of the most expensive condoms one can buy.

With this success, many people are also looking for other luxurious brand condoms, such as Chanel condom and Prada condom just to name a few.

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  1. Celebrities who love louis vuitton are buying this product simply bc of its label. Celebrities and rich people will buy this. No one else.

      • That’s because youre an idiot, and only idiots buy this garbage. I hope you get a teen pregnant, and end up on a rape charge, stuck paying massive child support, all due to this overpriced condom puncturing on your dumbass.

    • I’m saying like damn can we at least wash it like a month and 3 weeks worth because I’ll use the fuck out that condom shit got me spending $68 on 1 awesome ass looking condom!!!

  2. I just wonder who is stupid enough to buy this condom when you can get the same thing for five bucks or less? I don’t care who you are you’re just stupid.


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