diamond appiah

Politician and entrepreneur, Diamond Appiah has advised her fellow women to plan before they think of bearing a child.

In an Instagram post, she remarked that child-birth is not a race so there must be a plan so that one’s children wouldn’t come into this world and suffer.

She wrote:

“This is Something ur teacher or even mother won’t discuss with u but Like I said in my previous post, motherhood is not a race or competition but a another stage of Womanhood just like puberty and Menopause.

So plan ahead before u enter into motherhood so that u don’t end up becoming a single mother who is constantly stressed, depressed and frustrated.

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Life is about choices so choose a better life for ur unborn kids before u start envying other ppl who planned ahead. Trust me if u plan well u can give ur children the best home, education, health care, investments for their future etc.

So practice safe sex or use any of the family planning methods that best suits u to prevent unwanted n unplanned pregnancies until u are fully ready.

We all have the same brains and 24 hours so use urs wisely ❤️ Don’t allow Family, friends or social media pressurize u into doing anything ur not ready for. #Real Women Plan their Families”

diamond appiah

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