A Police officer has been spotted challenging Bob Marley by smoking ‘Ganja’ proudly in a state’s car.

The legalization of marijuana otherwise known as ‘Ganja’ or ‘Satan Grass’ has become a big topic for discussion in some African countries.

In Ghana and Nigeria, the practice of possessing the drug is considered illegal and unlawful.

The police officer was filmed in a ghetto within Nigeria.

A few citizens of his countries shared their opinions on his action.

Below are a few captured:

‘Nigeria is doomed as long as people like this still remain in service. Again, this is why I also kick against the assertion that smoking weed is crime, if celebrities, men of the law enforcement agencies and politicians smoke weed, why can’t everyone smoke weed. I don’t think anyone should live above the law.’

‘Una cast this man,che if e lost him job una go employ am? E no good ooo na ibgo e smoke no be Coco oo.’

‘This guy Na very good rapper oh even them Eminem no rap reach am’

‘So that guy that said, police knows where original weed is sold had a point 🤷🏾‍♂️🙄🙄’

‘😂 😂 after them go de chase boys wey de smoke… See una life now🙄🙄’

Watch The Video Below:



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