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Police punish people who refused to use Madina foot bridge to clean the area

The foot bridge at Madina is very long. Hence, pedestrians who want to cross to the other side of the road, cross directly instead of using the footbridge.

This action from the pedestrians has been causing traffic congestion on the road especially at Zongo junction.

As a way of punishing people who broke this law, some police officers stormed the area and punished the offenders to either kneel and raise their hands or sweep the surroundings to keep it clean.


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Aside the punishment, the officers also used this as an avenue to school pedestrians on why using the footbridge is very important.

This new development is Greater Accra Regional Minister’s initiative.

Mr. Henry Quartey, has set out to tackle the issues that have become a drawback to the region’s development.

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A beginning intervention, he said, was to ease the traffic congestion at some locations, particularly at the Madina Zongo Junction, by getting pedestrians to use the footbridges provided while commercial vehicles which contribute largely to the situation are moved away from the trouble spots.

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This initial action is part of an audacious plan which the minister has named, “Make Accra work” project, by which he seeks to address the myriad of challenges the region was facing.

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Mr Quartey has said that under his leadership, the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) would strive to provide lasting solutions to developmental challenges in the region and ensure its swift transformation into a national capital of repute.

The Women Relief Alliance Foundation a non governmental organization has donated items worth GH3000 to the female inmates of the Nsawam Prison7

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