Police Retrieves Two Weapons and Ammunitions at Lashibi

accra police

Police in Accra have intercepted two pump action weapons and 100 rounds of AK 47 ammunitions in a dawn robbery operation, on a bank at Lashibi.

On 16th October, 2020 around 2:00 am, some unidentified armed men numbering about six attacked and robbed a bank at Lashibi. The robbers fired into the bank vault and chiseled the wall to gain ingress and stole unspecified amount of money from the safe.

Gunshots from the scene attracted a police patrol team within the area to the scene but the robbers sensing danger fled the scene with the booty amidst firing.

Two suspects, who were in a waiting taxi cab some few meters from the scene, were arrested on high suspicion of being on some surveillance assignment linked to the robbery.

The police also impounded an Urvan bus with registration number, GT- 5564-16 which was abandoned by the robbers. It was a search in the bus that led to the recovery of the two weapons and ammunitions.

Other items retained include an electric cutter, chisel, harmer and some rounds of spent ammunitions.

Currently, the two suspects and the three private security details who were on duty at the time of the incident are being detained to assist in police investigations.



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