Politicians are becoming well known for ‘bribing’ the electorates with gifts when we get to the times of elections and once they win, they won’t know the very people they begged until the next elections come.

It is very common in Ghana. But if you think it’s only down here that it’s practiced, then you must be mistaken as our dear Politicians in Nigeria also make use of these vote-buying tactics.

Viral photos spreading on social media see the moment the incumbent Governor of Ondo State in Nigeria, Rotimi Akeredolu, shared branded Ludos with his face on them to the people in his State.

His kind gesture is coming as the upcoming elections in the State are approaching with hopes to come back for another term.

Aside from the Ludos, he’s also sharing slippers, perhaps as a means to win the votes of the people for the coming gubernatorial elections on October 10, 2020.

See photos below:

sharing ludo sharing slippers


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