The founder and leader of the Glorious Wave Church, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has promised to torment the hell out of Politicians till they start driving the nation to a positive direction.

In his recent sermon, Prophet Badu Kobi disclosed that Ghanaian politicians are spending the nation’s money in bad manner but are left walking freely out there.

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'Politicians in Ghana are riding big cars with security protection while the leaders of the countries we borrow from walk & drive small cars, which are are they doing?' - Prophet Badu Kobi

He stated that they drive in big cars with heavy security escorts while the countries they borrow from to run the affairs of Ghana do not do so

Badu cited that developed countries ministers and politicians instead drive lesser cars and sometimes even walk to work because they are not squandering their country’s money.

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He received a huge praise for his boldness behind the pulpit.

Currently, Prophet Badu Kobi and some NPP party gurus are waging ‘war’ against themselves.


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