The contrast of life continues to wow us especially when one man’s meat becomes another man’s poison and it is demonstrated in how a heartless woman will leave her baby to die.

This is the introduction this sad story deserves as the chilling story of an abandoned baby left to the mercy of the weather sends shivers down our spine.

To tell you the story, I will like you not to be judgmental of the action of the mother since we have limited information as to what led to this unfortunate situation.

A Nigerian mother has unmercifully left his baby to die. What made it sad is the abandonment of the baby at a filthy dumpsite.

The baby was wrapped in a cloth with the head uncovered and laid in an old box when found.

People of Calabar woke up to this story and have given support to the child but it is unclear whether the baby survived it or not.

The issue has been reported to the local authority and investigations have begun into unraveling the perpetrator(s) of this heinous crime.

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