Jamaican singer, Popcaan has been off social media for about a month only to pop up with a heartbreaking moment for fans after he cut off his signature hair.

The artiste, whose given name is Andrae Sutherland, has the distinction of being dancehall’s wealthiest son under 35 years old. Over the years, his hairstyles have ranged from fat plaits to afros, snails eye, corn rows, braids, twists, vertical cornrows, and ponytails among others.

But he has decided not to braid his hair in a new style but cut it off totally.

Fans were surprised by this step anyway.

Most of them are asking the reason behind it.

Popcaan, on the other hand, apologised to those who are heart-broken and promised to appease them with a new Mixtape.

Other fans are also of the view that the new look is simply dope.

Check out new photos of Popcaan below:

popcaan new haircut popcaan new haircutpopcaan new haircut