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Rapper has also thrown some light on the issue concerning some alleged hidden children of Former President who has popped up after his death.

After the death of the former president, a lot of people have surfaced claiming that he’s their father and that they didn’t come out when he was alive for fear that they might be silenced.

Chief among these people is 52-year-old Abigail Mawutor Rawlings. Social media users claim she looks like the former head of state and that she bears some of his characteristics — which included her complexion, look, courage, eloquence and confidence.

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As it stands, she was denied the chance to play a full role in the funeral of JJ Rawlings.

Well, speaking on these issues said these supposed children must not be sacked or humiliated but rather, they should be welcome wholeheartedly.

He noted that it’s not easy to stay without a father for so many years so if these children are out now, they should be embraced.

The neccessary step that should be taken is that DNA test should be organised to prove their allegations. And once confirmed, they must also enjoy the properties left behind by their father”., he said.

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went on to say that popular people such as musicians, actors, others sometimes impregnate people unknowingly because women are readily available for them.

He gave an example of musicians that most of them end up impregnating a lot of women simply because of how they travel to different towns and cities with women willing to offer their bodies.

“Sometimes, these children grow up without knowing their fathers. Their mothers also remain silence because they feel if they try something, the powerful celebrity might try to silence them“, the Asuoden rapper added.

JJ was a revolutionist, so you can imagine the number of women that was dying for him. So it’s possible he might fall for such temptations and unknowingly impregnate some of those women”, he said in conclusion.

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