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Posting your food and clothes on social media shows your capacity is low – Pastor Mensa Otabil

mensah otabil

Head and Founder of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil has said that those who post photos of the food they eat and the new clothes they’ve bought on social media have low capacity.

Preaching on the theme ‘Hunger for Excellence’ last Sunday at the ICGC Christ Temple located in Accra, noted that trivial things like food and clothes don’t need to be widely published on social media as if they’re achievements.

He admonished his congregation to yearn for excellence rather than looking at some basic things as an achievement.

He also touched on those who join aeroplane and try to show off that they’re also travelling the world.

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“the funny ones are those who sit in an airplane and [take] selfie [of] themselves and put it on Facebook. “You sit in an airplane? Do you know when airplanes were invented? Huh?- in 1903”, he said.

Ending his statement, Pastor Otabil said: “You have now sat in one- you’re not even sitting in first class, you’re sitting in economy. [Taking] selfie- hey look at me; your head needs help. No wonder we are easily satisfied, no wonder we do very little and we settle.“

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