Manasseh Azure Awuni

Editorial Consultant at The Report – says President Nana Addo’s right to privacy has been violated by those who recorded him without his consent.

He said the video, as being speculated, is one which had someone contributing money and T-shirts to support his campaign.

He argued that it isn’t bribe taking move by the president.


defended President by blasting those who released the video to shame him saying their agenda through the spread of false news won’t work.

Read his full post below:

“His rights were violated by whoever filmed him without his consent. He was not engaged in any criminal or illegal act so you cannot justify this in any court of law.

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The video being shared shows that someone contributed money and T-shirts to support his campaign, but you’re telling us that he took a bribe as a president.

(If you want to raise issues with political party funding, we can discuss that. And it’s not limited to only one party).

But this is a new low. You know deep in your heart that you’re lying, so who do you think should believe your lies?

We must hold our leaders accountable when they go wrong, but it is also our duty to protect them when they become victims of malicious propaganda. If you gloat today because it happened to your political opponent, it will one day happen to you.

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What you’re doing is counterproductive to the political cause you seek to promote. It will turn decent minds and sympathetic hearts away from the party. The biggest mistake a political party can make is to assume that ALL the voters are stupid.

Anybody can do anything to achieve a political goal, but I believe we are all answerable to a supernatural being. And we will all pay or be paid for what we do here on earth before we exit this unpredictable stage called life.

Mind your ways, for you may never have the chance to say sorry.”

See the screenshot below:

nana addo

Watch the video below:

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