Press Release By The Family Of The Late Nana Kwadwo Kumah Yenhyira (Akora Kwadwo), Goaso Krontihene

We, the family members of the late Goaso Krontihene, Nana Kwadwo Kumah Yenhyira popularly known as Akora Kwadwo wish to express our deepest sorrow and disgust to the gruesome murder of our dear father, brother, uncle and son. The incidence leading to his callous death cannot be linked to just a reason but we can…

We, the family members of the late Goaso Krontihene, Nana Kwadwo Kumah Yenhyira popularly known as Akora Kwadwo wish to express our deepest sorrow and disgust to the gruesome murder of our dear father, brother, uncle and son.

The incidence leading to his callous death cannot be linked to just a reason but we can say with confidence that it might be linked to the chieftaincy conflict which has been lingering for some time now and currently before the Asantehene Otumfour Osei Tutu II.

Akora Kwadwo had petitioned the Asantehene concerning some chieftaincy issues which he is having with the occupant of the Goase stool, Nana Akwasi Bosompra I. It is unfortunately that, on the eve of when the case was to be heard by the Asantehene, Akora Kwadwo has died under bizarre circumstances unknown assailants at the Ayomso forest where he went to farm.

Nana Kwadwo Kumah Yenhyira visited his farm at the Ayomso forest on Wednesday 30th August, 2023, the last time we ever saw him alive but did not return in the evening. A search party was organised by both family and friends into the forest to look for him but unfortunately, we did not see him alive or dead.

The search continued on Thursday 31st of August, 2023 coupled with series of announcements on radio stations and information centres across the towns and communities around the Goaso traditional area and its environs which also had no success of seeing him.

On Friday 1st September, 2023 in the morning, we unfortunately had the sad news of our dear Krontihene Akora Kwadwo’s lifeless body has been found in his farm, a place the search party have searched several times since Nana Kwadwo Kumah Yenyhira was missing. Upon visiting the lifeless body, we saw him lying in a supine position with several marks of violence and blood all over his body which we suspect foul play.

There were several evidence of him been brutalized under inhumane condition before his death. This can never be seen or believed to be an attack from someone who wanted to steal from his farm or rob him. All items he took to the farm were not taken from him and were intact on the very first day the search party went to the farm. His death is a predetermined, well calculated and executed by certain people who do not see eye to eye with Akora Kwadwo.

The family is by this informing all especially the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Akuffo Dampare to as a matter of urgency let his men in uniform speed up investigation to apprehend not only those who carried out this heinous crime but all those with linkage to the crime. The police should collaborate with the clandestine institution like the National Investigative Bureau (NIB) to do a comprehensive investigation to be able to be to bring all those behind this to book.

As a family, we do not want to take the law into our own hands but a delay in investigations as it has been seen in other murder cases in the country could push the family to conduct its own investigation even if we could afford the services of private investigators, we shall do so.

The family do not want to accuse anyone for now, but whoever did this thing to us, should know that, we are going to cast our nets wide in order to search for needed information and present same to the police in their investigations.

We call upon the Asantehene Otumfour Nana Osei Tutu II, to continue with the case brought before him by our dear Krontihene of Goaso Nana Kwadwo Kumah Yenyhira known popularly as Akora Kwadwo as the family members have much interest in it.

The family of the late Nana Kwadwo Kumah Yenhyira will continue to inform the IGP, the Regional, Divisional and District police Commanders and also all well-meaning people of Ahafo region and Ghana as a whole to as a matter of urgency show much interest in the developing story in the region.


In another or latest development, death can be described or put under four (4) main pillars in our country Ghana of which people within the security set ups normally refer to us NASH, which means NATURAL, ACCIDENTAL, SUICIDAL and HOMICIDE deaths and in all situations, post-mortems are carried out especially when it is well established by facts that someone died of unnatural cause.

Unfortunately, and very surprising to the family, there is currently, an audio under circulation which purports to confirm the cause of death with “kete” background yet neither the police nor the family have such a postmortem report. In the said audio, a male voice is heard telling one ‘Adwoa’ that our late Krontihene drunk poison.

The question we ask is, where did this man get such an information which is needed to speed up investigations? We wish to inform the Police service to act swiftly on this said audio. We are as a family trying our best to give much information to the police as to when we get hold of some and wish all to also join to help.

Another developing story which is sad and worrying story in relation to the post-mortem is how the Goaso’s Government hospital’s Mortuary man or attendant embalmed the body of Nana Kwadwo Kumah Yenhyira’s without the notice of the police, the coroner or our family led by our abusuapanin. A post-mortem examination, also known as an autopsy, is the examination of a body after death.

The aim of a post-mortem is to determine the cause of death. They provide useful information about how, when and why someone died. The main aim of a post-mortem requested by a coroner is to find out how someone died and decide whether an inquest is needed which is a legal investigation into the circumstances surrounding a person’s death and with the calibre of person and experience the mortuary attendant has, this idea should not have escaped him in discharging his duties as expected.

We as a family wish to draw attention to the fact that, the singular act of the mortuary attendant ‘Dada’ has impeded the investigations going on. His act of even handling the body without proper guidance could erase a lot of evidences including fingerprints of those who we believed attacked him.

We therefore call on the Ahafo Regional command of the Ghana Police Service to call for the arrest of ‘Dada’ to aid in investigation which might lead to whoever gave him the order to do whatever he did.

We again call on the Goaso Government Hospital administration to also interdict the said mortuary attendant ‘Dada’ as we believe his unprofessional conduct will hinder the investigations into the death of Akora Kwadwo. His action we believe was done as a cover up influenced by people with power.

We are saying so as a family because all unnatural deaths fall under the jurisdiction of the Coroner which requires inquiry into such deaths and it is only the Coroner who can carry out such inquiry so to speak under the Coroner’s Act 1960. Act 1960 defines the Coroner at the District Magistrate and It is duties and functions are spelt out therein.

The Coroner is the head of the investigating team to be assisted by the police and registered medical practitioner pursuant to section 4 &7 of Act 1960. Per section 1(1)(a) of Act 1960, nobody can touch the body under investigation without express authority by the Coroner. Was the mortuary attendant ‘Dada’ having that express authority from the Coroner when he started working on it?

It is obvious that having touched the body with medicine, the mortuary attendant has violated sections 1(1)(a) 4 and 5 of Act 1960 because he never had the express consent of the coroner and has therefore tempered with investigations which may render the whole exercise into nullity. It is on this note that we call for the arrest of the mortuary attendant ‘Dada’ to face the full rigors of the law.

Nana Kwadwo Osei Mensah


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