Journalist, Manasseh Azure has jabbed President Nana Addo by labeling him as an incompetent and not nice person.

At a New Patriotic Party (NPP) National Youth Rally and Walk-in Tamale last weekend, Vice President Bawumia lamented that even though former President Mahama is a nice man, he demonstrated incompetence when he was President and deserved not to be given the reins of political power again.

Prez Nana Addo is incompetent & not nice - Manasseh Azure

Right after Vice President Bawumi’s comment, Manasseh Azure took to Twitter to also react.

He wrote;

 “The incompetent one is nice versus the incompetent one who is not nice.”

His tweet has been trending for some time.

Meanwhile, former President John Mahama is yet to comment on the issue.

Manasseh Azure Awuni recently resigned from Multimedia Group.