Visit… Driving new clients and retaining existing ones is undoubtedly the most important target of any business.

In order to be ahead of the competition, businesses are always faced with the task of improving their methods and the technologies they used to bring in clients.

Worldwide, as coronavirus takes its toll on economies and businesses leading to mass lay-offs and bankruptcies, one thing is most certainly guaranteed.

The business community will have to readapt to the new environment, spending will be reduced and budgets will be drastically cut.

Promote your business online through discounts & promotions

Spending on advertisements and business promotion is definitely going to take a massive hit. Traditional marketing avenues like billboards, TV and radio ads, and the like, are generally quite expensive. Businesses that want to stay ahead of their competition while maintaining their profits will have to resort to more innovative means to market their products.

Coca-Cola created the first coupons in 1887, and the subsequent addiction of US consumers to their drink that followed, a lot of businesses have added coupons to their mix of marketing strategies.

Coca-Cola had a simple concept: Pharmacies get 2 gallons of coke syrup in exchange for the names and contact details of their clients who lived nearby.

Promote your business online through discounts & promotions

These clients were then sent coupons to their mail for a free glass of coke. Of course, a majority of them tried it, and sales of Coca-Cola skyrocketed as a result., a Ghanaian IT startup from Tema has introduced Ghana’s first platform for coupons, sales and discounts in Ghana.

The platform allows businesses across the country to create free e-coupons for their products and services which users can download and redeem within a fixed period.

Businesses can create free coupons for a wide range of products and services including food delivery, cosmetics and fashion, health and wellness, hospitality, etc. At the moment, several top restaurants in Osu, Accra, are listed on the platform, with a number of them running active promotions.

Registration on the platform is free for businesses and coupon hunters. Users of the platform can interact with the respective owners of shops and restaurants directly on the site.

They can also rate and review the businesses they patronize. It is the hope of the creator of the platform that an effective business review service will go a long way to improving customer care among Ghanaian businesses.

Restaurant, club, shop, gym owners and others are encouraged to sign up onto the platform in order to take advantage of the many opportunities it provides to increase their sales, acquire new clients and reward existing ones.

Visit to register your business. For any enquiries, please call O2O35818OO.

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Promote your business online through discounts & promotions Promote your business online through discounts & promotions