Proof Tupac is still alive in the studio working on a new music

Suge J. Knight, the son of ex-music mogul and convicted felon Marion Hugh Knight Jr., commonly known as ‘Suge Knight,’ has claimed yet again that Tupac Shakur is alive, adding this time that he’s working on new music with him in the studio.

The son of ex-music mogul and convicted felon Suge Knight has claimed, yet again, that Tupac Shakur is still alive.

Suge J Knight even boasted that he was working on new music with the rapper and actor in the studio – despite accounts of Tupac’s death following a drive-by shooting in of 1996.

Knight made the bizarre statements on his personal Instagram account over the past several days, after first sounding the alarm that Tupac was living in Malaysia in October.

‘Looking for the best producer for Pac,’ Suge J wrote on Sunday, adding hashtags ‘#newdeathrow #sugejknight’ with the caption that went along with a photo that read, ‘I need the hottest producer to work on a project for Pac.

‘On Saturday, he shared an image of text that read, ‘I got Pac back in the studio. New music coming,’ with the caption, ‘This ain’t a joke. #NewDeathRow ??/?? Coming soon.’

Knight is the son of Marion Hugh Knight Jr., also known as ‘Suge Knight,’ who was the founder and former CEO of Death Row Records.

The 53-year-old Suge is now serving a 28-year-sentence in prison after pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter in September, stemming from a a 2015 hit-and-run.

J. Knight shared the latest posts amid others promoting ‘New Death Row,’ with slogans like, ‘Bringing the best of the West.’

On October 2, J. Knight first took to social media with a series of posts raising the idea that the fatal 7, 1996 shooting in Las Vegas of the rap icon at the young age of 25 was a hoax, and that Tupac is alive and well in Malaysia.

Source: Daily mail


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