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Prophet Kofi Oduro & Rev. Owusu Bempah insults each other

Prophet Kofi Oduro & Rev. Owusu Bempah insults each other

Prophet Oduro and Rev. Owusu Bempah are currently firing shots at each other over the latter’s 31st December 2019 seemingly fake prophesies.

The founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro shared his views on the 31st December prophecies made by some prophets including Elisha Salifu and Owusu Bempah.

While addressing his congregation at a Church service, Prophet Kofi Oduro described all these prophets as jokers and their prophecies totally ‘foolish’.

Prophet Kofi Oduro explained that everything the ‘so-called’ prophets declared is false, adding that God never revealed anything to them.

He also tagged these prophets as liars who are making a mockery out of God.

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That did not go down well with Owusu Bempah who also fired back.

Bempah tagged Oduro as a ‘foolish’ Man of God who is full of demons.

He also said Prophet Kofi Oduro is a criminal.

“Anyone that says he is the only perfect man is a criminal. He is claiming that the prophets are sleeping with women have impregnated some women in their churches. Does he know his issues that come before me? He is the one who sleeps with his church members and impregnates them,” – Bempah said.

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“I am giving him 24 hours, let him [Prophet Oduro] hold oil and stand in front of his pulpit and drop it and say he has not slept with anyone apart from his wife or he has not looked at someone’s wife lustfully. How can you say we the prophets are mad, foolish and unreasonable? He didn’t mention my name, but he said all the prophets and I am a prophet so I am replying him. If he had said ‘some’ I wouldn’t have had a problem, because me I know some prophets are not correct.” He added.

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