Our so-called Prophets have now become magicians and it’ll be best if they can admit that their nothing but charlatans hiding under the umbrella of Christianity to carry out their dubious acts.

A vivid example is Prophet Kumchacha. He has turned paper into money in a new video on live radio.

In the video, Kumchacha wrapped a box filled with papers and a piece of cloth, covered it and urged the people in the Okay FM studio to repeat every word he utters.

Kumchacha told the host of the Best Entertainment Show, Halifax, “This is real money, I have the power to command about 100 million in this studio. I can keep chanting and bring out more money right here”.

According to him, all that Ghanaians see on their TV screen is fake, adding that they already have money in the objects they chant from.

Watch the video below: