‘Prophet Nigel Gaisie ‘Chopped’ Nana Romeo’s wife’ – Former Junior Pastor reveals

Former Junior Pastor of Prophet Nigel Gaisie has narrated how the and founder of the Prophetic Hill Chapel allegedly ‘Chopped’ Nana Romeo’s wife when he sent her to him.

A few days ago, Afia Schwar that Prophet Nigel Gaisie chopped the wife of Accra FM’s Nana Romeo and that he should come out to on it. That was in rebuttal to claims made by Romeo that Bullet is ‘Chopping’ Wendy Shay and that he will release proof to that effect if pushed by the songstress.

Afia Schwar said:

“Nana Romeo, after all is said and done, come and explain to Ghanaians why you ’t to Nigel Gaisie anymore, Prophet Nigel Gaisie what did he do to your wife? Yes, we also have facts, we warned you, you didn’t listen, you see your stubbornness?

“What did Nigel Gaisie do to your wife? Didn’t you and he sit in an and claimed you killed Ebony? Why are you two no longer friends? Nana Romeo, come and explain yourself,”

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Pastor Kakra Essiam affirming the news said Afia Schwar said the truth. According to him, as a former junior pastor of Prophet Nigel Gaisie, he can boldly say the incidence happened.

Kakra claimed Nigel after being introduced to the wife of Romeo, snatched her and slept with her countlessly.

He also that Nigel was behind Ebony’s death saying:

“Nana Romeo made Nigel popular when Ebony Reigns died. He broadcasted the video and got people to also share the videos. He made Nigel Gaisie his Godfather and introduced his wife to him but after a few days, Nigel slept with Nana Romeo’s wife and that led to a rift between him and Nigel Gaisie.”#

The allegations were made on NET 2 TV during the ‘Hot Seat’ with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

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Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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