Prophet Nigel should give us two-sure lotto numbers instead of his ‘false’ prophecies – Mase Ratty


Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s so-called prophecies are always one of a kind — when given, it sparks controversies.

Many believe his prophecies sound too well calculated and planned. And it’s always as if he gives those prophecies based on what he knows about people.

His recent prophecy which has since gone viral on social media is that which he gave to Kumawood actor and musician, Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin.

In a video, Prophet Nigel told Lilwin that he saw one “Zack” sending a padlock to a certain shrine for Lilwin’s mouth to be locked.

Zack happens to be Lilwin’s former manager — they had to go their separate ways after some little misunderstanding.

Given the underlining reason for their split, one can conclude that Zack can indeed as a way of paying Lilwin back, go to a juju man for what Prophet Nigel said he did.

However, many are also of the view that Prophet Nigel simply gave that prophecy for popularity and that he’s accusing Zack wrongly.

A Ghanaian based in Germany, Mase Ratty who’s a social media influencer has put a spin to the issue at hand.

In his submission in a Facebook Live, Mase noted that it’ll be better for Nigel to give out two-sure lotto numbers for people to stake and win. Rather than speaking mere gibberish in the name of prophecy.

Watch video below: