The founder and leader of Alabaster International Ministry Prophet Kofi Oduro has fired ’s board members by revealing that they are undertaking a satanic mission.

The Man of God stressed that the motive behind the award scheme is to push the agenda of satan.


“I listened to one of the board members of Music Awards recently and if you listen to what drives their criteria selection, you can see that people are really pushing the agenda of Satan.

The reason why they involve the gospel people is that they know the majority of Ghanaians love gospel music and in terms of sales, gospel music make sales than secular music. They are using the church for their business.

I want to ask these gospel musicians; If they receive those wooden placards and everyone is hailing you and you are impressed, is God pleased?”, he stated.

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His comment did not go down well with the President of the Creative Arts Council, Mark Okraku Mantey, he also fired back at him by stating;

“First of all, we don’t do placards and what do we do there that is demonic. We don’t care about how he feels about us anyway.

He is not the one who is going to judge us and we will not listen to him. It is about time the public stopped this attitude of anything showbiz is demonic. It is complete balderdash. “

Tonight marks the night for the 2019 VGMAs.

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