Shatta Movement Militant, Addi Self, who prides himself as a ‘loyal Muslim’ has sent a piece of message to Ghanaian celebrities telling them to put their cameras at home when helping the poor.

Amidst this pandemic, a lot of celebrities are doing their best to make donations to the poor and needy.

And of course, most of them are making video coverages of their charitable deeds to tell the world of what they’re doing.


Jafaro Mohammed as he’s known in real life sees this as a bad practice.

“Put your cameras at home when helping the poor !!! 😰”, he posted on his Facebook handle.

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What Prophet Mohammad said about Giving Charity in Secret

The Prophet Mohammad said that one of the seven groups of people that will be granted shade on the Day of Judgment includes the one who gives charity but hides it, so that even his left hand does not know what his right hand has spent.

Islam places a great emphasis and reward on giving charity in secret. It preserves the dignity of those who receive the charity, and also prevents the giver from being boastful or seeking praise.

Islam teaches Muslims that giving in secret is far superior to giving publicly, and that drawing attention to one’s charitable actions is a highly undesirable quality.

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The Prophet said: “Allah loves the God-fearing rich man [who gives much in charity but still] remains obscure and uncelebrated.” (Muslim)

Giving charity in secret is best when giving charity that is voluntary (Sadaqah). Regarding voluntary charity, God says in the second chapter of the Quran:

“If you disclose your Sadaqaat (almsgiving), it is well; but if you conceal them and give them to the poor, that is better for you.” [Quran 2:271]


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