Radio host Abeiku Santana endorses Akiyana

Akiyana Talking on Okay Fm 96.1 with radio personality and entertainment enthusiast was swept off his feet and blown away with her amazing voice and tenant.

Speaking to the songstress, she spoke about her family and their support for her music career and how that helped shape her.

Akiyana after offering listeners a spectacular freestyle fled Abeiku with his jaw-dropping and wowed.

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Making reference to Akiyana’s debute song NOBODY BAD, Abeiku santana asked if there’s any Afro-Dancehall female artiste in and the answer was no. He therefore pronounced Akiyana as the Queen of Afro-Dancehall in Ghana.

Abeiku santana was amazed by her voice dexterity and talent that makes her standout best over other doing same genre.

Follow the link below to watch the video. 

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