jj rawlings israeli son

During the burial rites of late former president Jerry John Rawlings, a bearded man was spotted.

The man who bears resemblance with Rawlings’ was walking with the former president’s son, Kimathi Rawlings.

Soon after videos of him dropped on social media, a lot of people started speculating that he’s Rawlings’ secret son from Israel.


It was immediately believed because of how he looks so much like the late former Head of State.

Well, there are new developments popping up online about the true identity of the young man.

According to what Celebrities Buzz has mopped up, this so-called son of Rawlings’ is actually the ‘best friend’ of Kimathi Rawlings.

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The young man is from India and not Israel. He’s said to have flown into the country to mourn with his very good friend, Kimathi.

These details were revealed by a Facebook user Edzordzi Kofi Dzikunu.

He wrote: “He’s not an Israeli nor His son…he is Kimathi’s very good friend from India… Eii and ‘Konkosa” you go believe and even add more to make it sweeter”.

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