Renowned Disc Jockey “IamShakez” Set To Embark On A UK Club Tour

Talented and award-winning Disc Jockey Shakez is set to embark on a United Kingdom Club Tour which would be the first of its kind.

DJ Shakes made the announcement via his social media handles and of his brand can’t just wait to share such a memorable moment with him.

With his many years of expertise in the field of DJing, one should expect nothing but the best musical moment with him. Below are details of the venues would be rocking:

renowned-disc-jockey-shakez-set-to-embark-on-a-uk-club-tour Who is DJ Shakez?

He is a Sierra Leonean Dj based in the United Kingdom. Celestino Oladipo Mahib was born in October 1988, popularly known by his name IAMSHAKEZ or SHAKEZ.

As a music lover, he started learning how to DJ while he was pursuing a degree in business and law.

He describes himself as a very professional and precise person who strives to bring the best out of whatever task he is faced with. His ability to juggle between the business and music world has gained him lots of respect and recognition.


Although is based in the UK, he never fails to carry the Sierra Leone flag at any of his performances. He believes a lot of young people in Sierra Leone look up to him and it is his duty to be a better person so as to inspire the youth.

He has been able to work on a lot of international platforms in his short time as a DJ. One of his biggest moments to him as a Dj, was being able to play for the global star Snoop Dog.

“I will never forget the time I actually Dj and warmed up for Snoop Dog in Manchester”, Shakez said.

He has a buzzing social media presence. Follow @IamShakez on all social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) for intriguing content he shares with his fans. Do not be left out!


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