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‘Report wives who deny you sex by wearing jeans to bed’ – DOVVSU

jeans to bed

There’s something called ’emotional abuse’ and it is punishable by law. Denying your partner sex deliberately is part of an ’emotional abuse’.

A new directive from the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) indicates that any wive who denies her husband sex by wearing tight jeans to bed should be reported to face the law.

The Central Regional Coordinator of the Domestic Violence nd Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU), Mr George Appiah-Sakyi, explained that “denying your spouse sex amounted to emotional abuse”.

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jeans to bed

“If your wife wears jeans to sleep and causing you emotional abuse its an offence and you can report her to DOVVSU,” he stated.

For the women, he said, “if your husbands refuse to eat your food and make you unhappy and causes you emotional pain, you can also report them to the police”.

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“If your husband comes home late and causes you to be unhappy you can make a case at DOVSSU,” he said.

At a meeting with leaders of churches in the Cape Coast Metropolis on terrorism and other security issues, Mr Appiah-Sakyi said emotional abuses were also offences punishable under the Domestic Violence Act 732 of 2007.

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He noted that though these were offences that could be punishable, many did not know this and continued to perpetuate such offences.

Mr Appiah-Sakyi stated that many only reported physical abuses and not emotional abuses.


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