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Reverend Obofuor Joins The Non-Believers As He Says There Is No Heaven (video)


Founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Reverend Obofuor has joined hands with ‘non-believers’ saying that there’s no Heaven.

This has sparked a lot of controversy among Christians on social media.

Addressing his congregation, Reverend Obofour said, he doesn’t know heaven but it is this earth he knows.

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For me, I don’t know heaven, it is this earth I know. Even if I like I will not believe in heaven. Where is heaven? Do I know there? I have traveled to America, Washington, everywhere but didn’t see heaven there.” he stated.

The controversial pastor continued that, we have not even passed the exams God has set for us on this earth than to think of other things we know nothing about.

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The reverend also stated that the work of God should be similar to what the Muslims practice. Of which he explained, they are growing faster than Christians because they love themselves.

Someone will say, a pastor and you are praising Muslims. are you Crazy?! Muslims, are you better than them? Deep kiss for the Muslim community” he blew.

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Watch video below:




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