Roman Reigns And Sasha Banks Daughter

The moment WWE superstar, comes to mind, nicknames like; “The Big Dog”, ”The Powerhouse”, ”The Guy”, ”The First Class” “The Tribal Chief”, among others also come to mind.

However, he was born Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoaʻi on May 25, 1985.

Roman is one of the fast-growing successful superstars in WWE even though, he is less than a decade in his professional career but is currently the next ”face of the company”.

Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado, whose brand name is Sasha on the other hand is also one of the WWE divas superstars who is often seen at Smackdown on Monday night.

She is an American professional wrestler, born on January 26, 1992.

And Sasha Daughter

The two WWE stars, and Sasha are both to WWE Smackdown. They both crossed paths when Sasha managed to get to the ranks of NXT along with Roman Reigns.

They even became closer when Sasha Roman fight against his competitors for many years, stating that, they were all envious of him.

There hasn’t been any relationship affair or daughter between both WWE superstars, Reigns and Sasha, which is well known, except for a working relationship on WWE smackdown.

In 2021, Sasha and her husband, Sarath Ton,  (Cambodian-Ame) who was a former wrestler and costume designer celebrated their 5th anniversary. The couple is yet to have children.

is also married to Galina Becker with double twin sons and one daughter Joelle.


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