Rudeboy sent money to a fan as gift… received a heartbreaking reply in return

Nigerian musician Okoye, popularly known by his stage name as Rudeboy has shared his experience after doing a giveaway for fans.

The former P-square member said the fan was in his inbox asking him for money and he was touched to give him because of the hardship everyone is passing through due to the coronavirus pandemic that hit many countries but later gotten a heartbreaking response from the fan.

He said, the beggar asked for 5,000 Naira (Ghc.75) and he decided to send him 10,000 naira (Ghc.150) but did not receive even a thank you for what he has done and he was okay with that.

Now, according to him, the beggar told him that he is bigger than the money he has gifted him and how will he (Rudeboy) feel when the whole world get to know about the amount he has sent to him as Gift.

The beggar has blocked him after he requested his money back.

Watch the full heartbreaking video below…

According to The musician, he has sent money to many of his in need before the heartbreaking happened.

People must to be grateful!


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2 thoughts on “Rudeboy sent money to a fan as gift… received a heartbreaking reply in return”

  1. Hello bro don’t feel sad of such situations, cos this little things you do occupied the biggest space in others life,so never mind bros…#rudeboiforlife#


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