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Samini carries ‘Pito’ everywhere he goes


A new photo trending on social media sees one of Samini’s boys following him with a gallon of Pito.

This have got netizens saying that the CEO of High Grade Family record label carries the local beer every where he goes.

Well, in 2011, Samini revealed that he intends going into commercial production of Ghanaian brewed “Pito” in the near future.

Samini stated that he has a deep connection to Pito, since that was the beverage he was introduced to right from infancy more so when it was brewed and sold by his mom right they were lived, adding that it has and still does provide him the inspiration he needs to write those songs that earned him awards and recognition globally.

samini holding a calabash containing pito

According to Samini his mum has been brewing the millet based “Pito” for a long time now and thus saw the need to take his mum’s brewery of Pito to the next level by partnering her to produce and package it in commercial quantities to be sold and exported worldwide, this he believes will not help advance his mum’s business but promote the country as well.

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Below is the photo of Samini going around with a Pito:

What is Pito?

Pito is a type of beer made from fermented millet or sorghum in northern Ghana, parts of Nigeria, and other parts of West Africa. It is made by small (household-level) producers, and is typically served in a calabash outside the producer’s home where benches are sometimes provided.

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