Legendary Ghanaian musician, Samini Dagaati and Shatta Wale fans clash on Twitter after they tried to disrespect him. Shatta fans dissed him for using an Android phone.

”So How do I deal with this guy here trying to tell me I use android on twitter when I don’t even own one lol. How can I even do what you are insinuating and for what bro?FYI I was one of the first musicians to actually get the #WonderBoyAlbum here proof bro…bless”

”You have zero manners and you need to check yourself and get facts before tweeting. Twitter is not going anywhere bro lol. You do YAWA with you disrespectful and clueless approach. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday”

”That is how the confusion got here. I kept quiet for way too long abc most of these kids fell for all the fabrications about me as far as our industry is concerned. This time I’ll teach them when they bring themselves like this lol. It’s a chance to clear the air at least ”

They also said Samini’s YouTube is poor because he fades.

One fan said; ”Thanks .. Even samini know am telling him the truth..check his YouTube channel.. Very poor… Someone who has been in the industry for long and still having streaming poor.. He need to check his fans well.. Because he is really loosing his fans… Very sad.”

Samini replied ; ”1999-2019.that’s 2decades bro. How old is social media love ?Some of us were here before this golden age of online fan base stuff. Compare me to my mates who hit before internet and ask me how I’ve managed to not fade.I’m happy with my fans bro. Pls don’t worry #Akyesaaaaaaa”

Samini also told them that, he is the most consistent and the most relevant artist from his era and still on top form.

”I’m the most consistent and the most relevant from my era .still on top form. Still playing top 4.we Dey before dem start crawl.I’m your favorite artist’s inspiration if only he would tell you the truth lol. I guess not 😂😂.however I’m the baddest from the 90s still skanking 💪🏾”

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