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Samsung set to release the next foldable phone for her young women customers.


Samsung set to release a new foldable phone soon. As a matter of fact, this new Samsung phone is to target women customers.

According to the Korean outlet Ajunews, this new Samsung phone is to be called Bloom. Ajunews showcase a blury image of the new Samsung claiming it is an early marketing image for the Bloom.

According to the outlet’s story, it says that Samsung told partners at a closed-door meeting at CES that their next foldable is modeled after a makeup compact and intended to appeal to female customers.  According to SamMobiles, the next galaxy S11 will be named galaxy S20.

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What’s new is the name and marketing for the Bloom. Ajunews says Samsung wants the device to appeal to young women, and says its clamshell design is easy to hold in one hand. Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh reportedly told one partner: “We designed Galaxy Bloom with the motif of compact powder from French cosmetics brand Lancôme.”

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Well, the specs of this phone has not been released but Ajunews stated that the new phone will be able to record 8K videos and 5G virsion will be released soon in south Korea.



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