Fans of tricked by rumours of their artist on ’s album, forgetting it’s April fool’s Day.

It was all over the news and on social media that Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has been featured in an upcoming album of popular award winning American rapper Jay Z, titled ‘Ascension’.

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Such rumours immediately made waves on social media as a big win for Sarkodie and as a country, since artists in Ghana hardly get recognised worldwide.

Later along the line on the same day, information gathered by Celebrities Buzz indicated that the said feature of Sarkodie on Jay Z’s album was actually a false news.

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However, the cover artwork of Jay Z’s unexisting album containing 16 songs which featured most top African artists, was allegedly done by yet to be identified guy just to April fool Ghanaians.

One suspicious fact about the fake album was how Sarkodie’s name could wrongly be spelled by a billionaire Jay Z’s writer. Instead of Sarkodie, it was spelled ‘Sakordie’.

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