edem favour

Rapper is out with a new song titled ‘Favour‘ — he released the song together with its visuals.

The versatile rapper recruited and on this particular song — and so far we have monitored that people are giving positive reviews about the track.

However, there was something which was not right about the music video — and that’s the absence of rapper Sarkodie.

Efya and Edem were available together with the various video vixens recruited for the visuals — however, King Sark was nowhere to be found.

Comments monitored at the comment section of the video on YouTube got people asking why Sarkodie was not present in the video.

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For whatever reason the cause might be, it’s best known to them. However, it would have been great to have the ‘King of Rap’ showing up in the video — his absence communicates this feeling of ‘incompleteness’ about the Favour music video.

Watch the video below:

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