Sarkodie has apologized to his ‘brother’ Shatta Wale for ‘snubbing’ him in time past through his actions and inactions.

Sarkodie was unaware that what he did was something that Shatta Wale kept in his heart only for him to pour it all out in his recent interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.

Shatta Wale elaborated during the interview that, when he recorded “Megyewo Girl” with Sarkodie, he kept forcing Sarkodie to shoot the video for the song but Sark kept snubbing him.

But when he did a similar song with another Nigerian artist, he rushed to shoot the video for it making him feel unappreciated.

Shatta Wale vowed to charge any song he will feature on Sarkodie’s song or any of his artists from henceforth to put him on his toes because he is taking him for granted because he does it for free.

Fans of both artists have been fighting one another since as Sark fans in particular this Shatta disrespect their leader.

Well, it’s good Sarkodie is apologizing now.

The ‘Adonai’ hitmaker just some few minutes ago on Twitter explaining that sometimes he gets overwhelmed with things to do that he ignores or forgets to excuse some things that end up hurting those close to him and he is sorry for anyone that feels that way.

Sarkodie tweeted:

“Sometimes I feel there’s a lot of responsibilities on me and it gets overwhelming so 2 deflect em, I shut down sometimes… Sorry if I trigger some emotions in people around me I will try to be better … just know I got for all”.


We hope Shatta Wale sees this and forgive Sark accordingly.

Watch Shatta Wale’s full interview below:

Meanwhile, rapper Gemini has also called Shatta a fake person and he gave his reasons why.

Rapper Joey B also thinks Shatta’s beef with Kwaw Kese is needless. And as it stands, Stonebwoy is supporting Kwaw in other for him to ‘diss’ Shatta.

Watch Sarkodie’s interview below: