Sarkodie in GTP cloths after insulting Manifest for wearing Same GTP cloths


Yeaŕs back Sarkodie insult manifest saying if someone will insult him not a rapper who wear GTP cloth !! Today he wore the same things on his birthday got everyone talking hehehe madness.

This is how manifest dress and sarkodie diss him many times he will never wear such clothes but today sarkodie himself wearing the Gtp cloths.

Social media influencer Bhim Queen wrote; sarkodie eat he’s own stone 🥶 hehehe Years back Sarkodie diss manifest that if someone will insult him not a rapper who use GTP to Sow kaba hehehe breaking news sarkodie has been spotted in GTP cloth on he’s birthday. Karma is a fucking bitch watch what you say with ur mouth because it can come back and hunt u later. Just want to wish you a happy birthday to our new Kaba Ambassador sarkodie 🤣🤣 Enjoy ur day”

Below was what Sarkodie said about Manifest for wearing a GTP cloth in the video below..

Today Sarkodie was also spotted in a GTP cloth.


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