Sarkodie is not part of the married musicians I’ve slept with – Pamela Odame

Ghanaian based video vixen, Odame has omitted Sarkodie out of the of married men she claimed chopped her after featuring in their video.

Pamela Odame in an interview with Delay on her Delay show aired on Gh One TV few ago revealed that she got banged by a married musician she once featured in his video.

Out of these seven musicians, how many did you have sex with?” Delay asked during the interview.

She admitted to sleeping with one of them but did not know he was married.

He didn't promise me, love. He was to check up on me and sometimes, I could tell him I was broke. He could come to pick me up for an outing, send me back and give me some money.”

Celebrities Buzz took time to check on the married artistes in Ghana that have featured her in their videos and they were Sarkodie, Coded of 4×4 and Captain Planet.

But it seems Sark's brand is very formidable among the list so she has exempted his name from it.

She said;

For Sarkodie when he was added to the list, I was so hurt because he is someone who keeps to himself.

Pamela also emphasized that it isn't Captain Planet either and hinted that the musician she had an affair with, was the one who recruited her for the first time as a video vixen in 2017.

So it seems Coded of 4×4 might be the prime suspect lol….


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