Sarkodie learnt rapping from me – Chymny Crane

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Underground artiste Chymny Crane who always depends on dissing Sarkodie in other to be heard has once again spoken.

Chymny in time past dissed Sarkodie and called him some unprintable names. He expected a reply from him but it seems the father of one isn’t ready to play with underground kids.

Well, Chymny Crane has once again come out with some loads of disrespectful words to Sarkodie. Perhaps, he hoping to get some cheap publicity again.

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In a video posted on his Facebook handle, Chymny Crane claims Sarkodie learnt to rap from him and the likes of EL, Ball J so he shouldn’t be bragging today as if he’s the best rapper.

Chymny also said Sarkodie was spoon-fed by the industry which helped him to reach where he has reached today so he shouldn’t brag as if he’s the ‘highest’ as he always claims.

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Listen to Chymny Crane below. He doesn’t make any sense though and with this level of ignorance, hate and disrespect from him, he may never ever blow out of his underground zone:

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